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As with any good story, Lars Lange’s images are a synthesis of place, character and moment, creatively combining depth and detail, bringing the memories to life in a different way every time you view them.
Based in Herefordshire, he builds a relationship with each client to develop an understanding of their personal style.  His experience of landscape and portrait photography in the UK and abroad complements this to create relaxed and contemporary wedding and portrait images.

At 12 years old I received a 126-cartridge format camera for Christmas, which spurred me to take my first forays into photography. I remember pictures taken in the snow, all coming out a little dark. How things have changed since the days when at 16 I found myself with enough money to buy my first Minolta SLR. This then really developed my interest and love for the medium of photography.

 Over the years it has continued to grow. The subjects have changed but my passion for photography and the striving to create the next best shot has never waned. I have become more of a perfectionist and only the best is good enough on every shoot. 

Being quite laid back, I find no reason to rush things. This applies especially to weddings. I approach every new day with individuality and flair, and the way I work will not keep you standing around for hours waiting to have many poses and staged line-ups. Instead, I create staged and posed images in a relaxed fashion, as well as taking many informal and intimate shots. Becoming involved with your day I can fit in, and whilst you are enjoying yourselves I can be busy creating a story in pictures as the day unfolds. 

I am serious about what I do, so whilst giving you a set of images that reflect a relaxed and easy-going style with an essence of the classic, I will be looking to capture those unforgettable, funny, hilarious, intimate and beautiful moments in time. 

Having worked in many venues around the UK, especially the West Midlands including Brobury House, Birtsmorton Court, Parkfields, Glewstone Court, Whitney Court and Eastonor castle I have been able to make use of my passion for the outdoors and landscape photography. I will bring this third dimension to your wedding and portrait photographs. I have a feel for every situation and make your images come to life in an artistic way every time I visit in each location, whether new or known. 

But most of all it is for the images you see to tell their story and sell themselves. 

I am always looking fro the documentary style of picture working around the wedding to look for these moments.

I supply a range of quality albums including, the fantastic Jorgensen Range, Art and studio,  and for the wedding book, album or magazine style there is the Graphi studio range with a myriad or options.

parents albums and portrait albums available in both book.

Please call for a competitive quote or choose from out large range of whole wedding or portrait packages.

vintage and retro inspired weddings and portrait shoot see my blog

Vintage and alternative weddings a speciality


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